Monday, September 26, 2011

An Itinerant Artist

 Recently I opened a box in my studio - wherein I found this art book which I made several years ago.  This book was actually the last of a five year love affair with book arts.  During the process of making this I began beading, for the very first time, and after this book was made I drifted off into the world of beading. 

From beading I've gone into punchneedle - which was something I was totally unfamiliar with until I went to a quilt show with a friend and saw some beautiful examples.  I loved the texture and the idea of creating an image using hundreds, dare I say thousands, of little tiny loops.

A lot of very creative people stay with the same venue throughout their days. Sometimes I wistfully wonder what that would be like.  But if I'm very honest with myself there's a reason why my blog is called 'Art Journey' - because I seem to be a constant traveler.  I stop along the way, learn a new skill and dive into it head first.  After awhile another sign post appears and I'm off on a brand new adventure down another road.

I feel so grateful to have had these opportunities, to be able to switch over to something as the whim hits and to have the time, energy and passion to explore each venue to its fullest. At this point in time I'm still happily ensconsed in the world of loop pile embroidery but who knows what adventures lie ahead of me.  There is no set roadmap in this life of mine and I'm quite happy about that.

"And you?  When will you begin that long journey into yourself?" - Rumi


  1. Oh, Penny this is a spectacular book...a feast for the eyes. Something I've never done but I have meandered into other techniques and materials. Being an artist is to be an explorer and some of use explore further afield than others!

  2. That is a gorgeous book. I too once dabbled in book making and bookbinding but never anything like that. That is a treasure.

  3. Penny, this is lovely! For that bead encrusted cover to be your first venture into beading is so impressive. Like the others who commented, I've never done anything with books (or paper of any kind), and your work on this is an inspiration (once again!). I love the thought "embellish your life".

  4. oh Pebook is amazing. Also thanks for visitng my Art blog. People's interest and comments help to keep me going..especially on bad daysxxlyndanny this

  5. oh for goodness sake..my machine has gone mad but l hope you understood last message! Hax lynda

  6. ...that's what's called being a "Butterfly" :-)

    Ahhhhh...the joy of it!

  7. A book full of fascinating experiments, and each one contributes to your work today..

  8. I had a great comment written about our similarities on this path, but google ate it!!! So I'll just tell you that I love your book and want to make one of my own. Perhaps with some of my BJP pieces. The day job is consuming me right now, but I hope to break the creativity barriers soon.

  9. This is lovely and I really enjoy hearing about your art journey process.



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