Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bird Song Pocket

I love vintage bird drawings and incorporated this Morning Dove into my latest petite pocket.

Again to my 'stash of stuff' where I pulled out these tiny metal birds to dangle from the bottom of the pocket.

I will admit to having several problems with this pocket -- things like working with the picture and the final stages of assembly.  Perhaps I've done enough  of these pockets that I'm getting a bit careless.  Perhaps the colors, which seem so subdued to me, did not fulfill my expectations...

However, I am on to the next one -- which I hope will be a bit more colorful and present a bit more 'energy'.

"Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom
How do they learn it?
The fall and falling,
they're given wings."


  1. Subtle and quiet. It may be the colour reproduction, either the screen or the original photo, but one of those greens tends a lot to yellow and the other to blue - might you have been happier if they both tended in the same direction?

  2. Wonderful!! Each one you make is exquisite and each one different from the other. I love seeing them all!

  3. Beautiful, Penny, in spite of your dissatisfaction with a few of it's components, it's simply beautiful!
    We have these doves in our back yard. :)

  4. A bird needs gentle surroundings to flourish.



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