Monday, August 29, 2011

Trapping Threads

I admire those who keep their embroidery floss in an orderly fashion -- all neatly wrapped, labeled and organized by colors, shades and dye lot numbers.  Admiration or not, I have to admit that I am not one of them.

My threads are in glass jars above my work table.  These glass jars are filled to the brim with the various threads which make up my life and my work.  Each jar contains a collection of a color selection.  All purples together, all rose/pink/coral together, all greens together, all browns together, all rusts and golds together, etc.  Its really no way to work efficiently because with each project begun I must get down the jars that will apply to my color scheme and go through each skein of floss.

BUT - that's my joy: sorting, sifting, laying out the various color dye lots.  Laying out the shades in light, dark and in between, touching the threads and comparing them for density and shade.  Deciding what I will need to add to my 'collection'.  Last but not least - filling each jar to the brim with threads that I might or might not use in the future.  Sometimes organization is not necessary at all *smile*.

"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable". - Mary Oliver


  1. I rather like the idea of having the threads in jars. It seems like the perfect combination of organisation and creative improvisation!

  2. as I look at those wonderful jars of color I had to laugh at my little plastic pencil boxes filled to overflowing with tangles of wild colors. Oh to be so organized!! My threads are in ziplock baggies and small plastic snap boxes. Only organizing going on is that I can dump all those bins and baggies into my large tote bag full of hoops needles and projects to carry with me for stitching as I sit in the forest..

  3. I love this idea plus it's a lovely visual in a workspace. Now why didn't I think of it, I've got everything else in jars. But soon there will be threads, too -- thanks to you!

  4. Not only is this as creative and organized as you want to be, but it's also very pretty to look at these jars lined up next to each other brimming with color!

  5. oh bliss...look at all those gorgeous colours.......lynda



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