Monday, June 27, 2011

Soft and Warm

These fiber packs arrived recently - colors of gold, grey, purple.  The gold is the color of tobacco leaves, a deep, warm tea, or perhaps an old, expensive brandy.  The grey is the color of fog, mist, a soft cat, a favorite warm sweater.  The purple is the color of mountains in the distance, a royal cape all draped and rich, an iris blooming in the garden.

I love both the way the grey softens the purple, the way the deep gold warms the grey. Today I'm  busy creating a 'light and shadows' heart with these threads and feeling both their warmth and their richness as I punch and stitch.  

"Such lovely warmth of thought and delicacy of colour are beyond all praise, and equally beyond all thanks!" - Marie Corelli


  1. It's an endless source of fascination to me that a colour which is unappealing in itself can be brought to life by another colour laid beside it.

  2. These are colors that are in perfect harmony together, yet complementing and affecting each other in different ways. You have an eye for color, Penny, something I've never been very good at achieving. Can't wait to see how this piece works up!

  3. Beautiful colors. I can just imagine what it feels like to touch them.

  4. l use these colours alot, mine are either dyed naturally by me or others. Are yours natural or chemical?xxlynda

  5. Gorgeous colours! Penny do you have a good source for purchasing thread on the Internet?

  6. I love the colours too!...

    .....amazing how things work so well together...



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