Monday, June 6, 2011

From the Heart

I'm off on a new adventure - loop-pile embroidery-wise that is.  Recently Jude posted on her work with hearts - it seemed to be a healing time for her and of course her work is beautiful.  I had been thinking about working with the heart shape but a little voice kept saying 'its been done over and and over again'.  But then I thought, perhaps its been done so many times because it is a symbol that each of us can relate to.  Its our center, the core of our being.  Its our life force and symbolizes all that is good about us.  With those thoughts in mind I thought I'd play around a little.

Anytime I start a new project there are all the "what-ifs" to go through and the mundane questions like 'how big should it be', 'what do I really want to convey with this subject', 'how will it work with loop-pile embroidery'.  The planning began!

One of the first things that I did was to paw through my 'found objects', buttons, and 'junque' collections.  This is when I got really excited about the heart concept and the possibilities that might be before me.  Drawings have been made, patterns transferred to cloth and punching begun.  The most important piece of any fiber work (in my mind) is that my heart goes into it also.  That the time spent is time of gratitude and peace and joy -- let's see how this goes...

"Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don't claim them. Feel the artistry moving through and be silent.” - Rumi


  1. I love your color palette on this one, Penny! Yes, the heart shape is out there a lot, but no one has done it quite like you will, I know!

  2. Collections of art stuff ...design elements to play and explore with. Now I found myself now wanting to pick up much larger pieces of found objects often very rusty...but if my husband is nearby he discourages this new habit. Enjoy and continue the joyful journey. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
    p.s. I am a heart surgery survivor so the Heart image is sacred to me. :0)

  3. I have not an ounce of doubt that whatever you come up with will be quite beauteous.

  4. Hearts, circles, squares, spirals - yes, they've been done before, but never in the same way by two different people. I think you're right - these are universal shapes and symbols that speak to all of us. Yours, as Sweetpea points out, will be delightful.



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