Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Journey" - Heart

This heart became what it is in spite of any preconceived ideas that I had.  I began with the spiral button.  You probably already know that I love spirals - a circle that is open - never closed, always moving (just as hearts should be).

As I worked, the whole 'planned' color scheme changed - more toward 'jewel' tones than I had planned.  The design spaces also lost the boundaries that I had originally planned for them.  My lesson learned is that no journey, not even a thread journey, should be overly planned.

"What you are comes to you." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I felt the movement in this piece before reading your text. It's palpable. I really like the colors too. Another "Penny Original" to love!

  2. OK.....I've been convinced now...and just ordered my Cameo punchneedle kit.

    Been lurking around looking at all your beautiful pieces......but now is the time for me to have a go!

    Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  3. I REALLY like this piece. The colors are some of my favs together. I like your conception of a spiral. I have always thought of a spiral as being out of control. I like yours much more and if you don't mind, I'll change my way of thinking to yours. I love it.
    xx, Carol

  4. A beautiful piece! I love spirals, too.

  5. Projects do have a habit of re-directing themselves, in spite of any planning we do. I don't think that necessarily means we shouldn't plan - it just means we shouldn't become too attached to our plans!



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