Thursday, September 9, 2010

September BJP - "Betwixt"

The word that appeared for my September BJP is 'betwixt'.  The definition (which in my dictionary is aligned with 'betwixt and between') is: Betwixt -neither one nor the other in a middle position.  Balanced - centered.

I'm not so sure about how balanced and centered I am (although I do try) - but I find myself in the middle position these days.  I teeter back and forth between encrusted beading and regular embroidery.  And so, this month's bookmark has a little of each form.  I used one of my favorite encrusted beaded embroidery stitches - half-pekinese to block off sections of embroidered French knots.  I used satin stitches top and bottom and interspersed them with tiny squares of delicas. 

When I saw this background fabric I fell in love with it - and here it is ushering us into Autumn with its glorious warm colors.

This month's bookmark seemed to go together effortlessly which made it a pleasure to create.

"Learning never exhausts the mind". - Leonardo da Vinci


  1. As always, I love your little bookmarks. The satin stitches go so well with the little beads and the colour scheme is very comfy and warm. You've done a great job at interpreting that fabric into a little work of art!

  2. I think the combo of beading and embroidery is wonderful in this bookmark! Very, nice and of course my 'earthy' colors so that makes me like it even more.

  3. I love the little area at the bottom that is slightly *off balance*! It gives Betwixt a wonderful kick!!

  4. Very, very pretty!

  5. Ah Cyndi - you noticed my less than balanced presentation! *smile* It sort of goes with my art life these past couple weeks - teetering this way and that way.

  6. I really like the colors in this piece. I am somewhat embroidery ignorant (no idea what a half Pekinese is...what other dog was involved!) but I really appreciate what everyone has said about the overall design. Lovely!

  7. Margaret - hopefully this was the front half of the Pekinese!!! Actually I think it refers to a country (which no longer exists under that name) but I'm not sure!



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