Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Punching In

The pictures I'm showing you today are not an example of punchneedle the way it is supposed to be!  That's my disclaimer for sharing with you my 'fooling around' with the craft of punchneedle.

I'm a 'doer' - I have little patience with learning something, I always think that I can just charge right in and 'do' it - come out at the end of the session with a finished product and go from there.  So, everytime I learn a new technique I have this 'learning curve' that I have to deal with.

Here are some examples of my punchneedle learning curve (which by the way is still curving in spite of my practice stitches).  My whole thought is to make faces for art dolls using punchneedle.  I have lots of pictures in my mind of finished faces - unfortunately getting them translated through my fingers is taking more time than I had thought it would.  Hmmm, could be I'm a little arrogant to think that I can just pick up a new piece of equipment and automatically have a finished piece before me in a short time!

I've made samples so that I can become familiar with the way the thread and needle work together. Using two threads with a small needle - using three threads with a small needle - using two threads with a medium needle - using three threads with the medium needle and so on.

I'm making progress -- slowly -- and am still excited about the prospects for this craft.  I'm even thinking that I might not stop with doll faces but might eventually make some of the patterns that I've seen in books and on the internet.  But all that will have to wait for me to get proficient enough that I can actually create an art doll face that I'm happy with. 

Patience and perseverance are the two words that I'm following as I wander down this new art journey path.

"He that can have patience can have what he will".  - Benjamin Franklin

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  1. Oh my, how I can relate to all you wrote in this post about thinking I can just plunge in and do it all the first time around with many ideas of finished projects in my head. Yes, patience is what I need to learn as well. Methinks I will let you do the punching, and I'm very eager to see how it all turns out especially with doll faces. Now to get back to my latest doll that I had a vision of in my head, and thought I knew how to do, but now find I have to tweak the pattern a great deal! We do have some things in common!



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