Friday, May 14, 2010

"Symphony" - May BJP

The word for my May BJP piece is “Symphony”. Once again, the right word for the right month seemed to appear. I’m not exactly sure how this is happening but each month ‘just the right’ word comes to the top of the jar.

Of course I had to have music on this bookmark. It happened that I had (from my bookart days) a piece of medieval music printed onto silk. I put this onto the bookmark backing and made it my centerpiece. For the past four months I have used encrusted beading on my BJP’s – but this month I used the silk as the ‘center piece’. I have to admit this made the overall beading go quite rapidly and that helped since I was so fully involved in the Flat Rock Playhouse Craft Show that my beading time was quite limited. I almost felt like I was cheating because I didn’t cover the whole surface with beads. I guess we encrusted beaders have a hard time leaving any space unbeaded!

So this bookmark and this word celebrate the joy of music. If you read my posting of May 7th you’ll know that music has been on my mind especially this month. Music is so much a part of my life that I loved making this small celebration of something that surrounds me each and every day.

"Symphony: an elaborate instrumental composition in three or more movements...
anything characterized by a harmonious combination of elements..."


  1. Funny how you are used to doing encrusted work, but your spirit moved you to do less. I'm always doing less, but feel I'd like to do more sometimes, however my spirit has other ideas too. This bookmark is really lovely, and I'm in awe that it went more rapidly. It's still filled with many, many beads!

  2. This is such a beautiful piece, Penny!!!! How great that you had that bit of silk, so perfect for this. To bead the word symphony must have been a pleasure beyond description!

    I know the feeling of cheating... You'll see what I mean when I post April's piece in the next day or so.

    Congrats on the show... From your pictures, it looks like the work was beautifully displayed, with a professional look, yet friendly and "real."

  3. If the right word keeps popping out, then may you only have wonderful, uplifting, fabulous words in the jar :-) Another beautiful piece, Penny!

  4. Cyndi -- I think there are some less than uplifting words in there somewhere, I'm just hoping they don't pop to the surface. *smile*

  5. what a wonderful depiction of the word symphony. i can hear the imaginary music playing as you beaded this piece. lovely!

  6. What a lovely piece. I love the path of beads to the music...is that your path too?

  7. Oh yes, I probably couldn't bead if I didn't have music going in the background -- it keeps my fingers moving.

  8. Beautiful piece, I love the silk music you used for the center... isn't it wonderful to find little pieces of things that were waiting for just the right moment to be used?!



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