Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Job Well Done

Whew!!!  I am tired right now.  This past weekend my art/craft guild "InspiredArts" produced a fine craft show held at Flat Rock Theater in Flat Rock, NC.  We have worked for months and months and months to bring this show to life.  Our 'call to artists' began last September, the jurying was held in January and after that it was one detail after another to be ironed out.  We designed the show to be presented as a 'gallery' showing or a fine retail art store so the Guild was responsible for the display, the inventory, some of the publicity and what seemed like every other detail for a show this big.  We juried in over 40 artists which was a task in and of itself.

Flat Rock Playhouse sponsored the show and it was held in their YouTheater building.  They were wonderfully helpful and gave us such good publicity outlets.  The posters were fabulous.  This show was designed to benefit the Playhouse with them getting money from the fee at the door and the 30% commission that the artists would donate on sold items.

Whenever you participate in a show of any kind there is always worry and wonder as to whether it will be a success or a failure. There are so very many variables - from the space, the artists involved, the economy, the weather, etc., etc., etc.  I'm so happy to report that this show met and exceeded our fondest wishes.  After all of the effort, sleepless nights and yes, tension within our small group, the show ended up meeting all of our dreams.  We had a vision a year and a half ago and it came true this weekend.

The room was lovely (no, beyond lovely, with art in all medias shown by excellent artists), the crowds were good and people were buying.  All of our fears were laid to rest as the weekend went on.  I want to give a big hug and congratulations to my fellow InspiredArts members:  Tamsin Allpress, Ellyn Berstein, Mary Beth Jung-Ganser, Sandra Macklem, Libby Miller, Ruth Obolensky, Peggy O'Connor, Sharon Richmond and Andrea Stern. 

And now its time to rest on our laurels (and actually get some rest for a change)!!  WE DID IT!!

"Action is the foundational key to all success". - Pablo Picasso

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