Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Bead Journal

Awhile back, after I had finished up a couple of beaded figures, I decided to try to keep a working journal for this type of beading. I do keep a personal journal of sorts – trying to write each day of the thoughts and events that make up my life. A bead journal would help me to keep track of specific beaded pieces and how they were created.

I began the journal with my first figure “Desert Dreamer” and have maintained it through the most recently completed figure “Carnival”. It's been fun to keep track of start and finish dates, to document stitches used and formats tried.

I’ve been able to include ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ as I worked through a design challenge or a bead challenge or just about anything ‘beady’ that occurred while working on each figure.

In trying to put a bit of my own spirit into each beaded figure that I create, it helps to write down my thoughts and take pictures of the process as I go along.

Do you do this? Do you document your work in any way? I’d love to hear about it if you do.

“Doing the work points the way to new and better work to be done.” - Julia Cameron 


  1. What a fantastic idea! The best advice I got was to keep a journal of sorts to write ideas down in so I could come back to them later.

    There have been a few times now I've thought about something I've tried and couldn't quite remember how I got there or which way made it better/easier so some thing like this would be great to reference in that respect. It also makes a wonderful artist portfolio even if it's just for you to look back on in the future.

  2. My blog functions as my creative journal, but I've done a couple of series where I documented the process. It's sure great when you're wondering where all the hours went to look back and actually SEE all you've done!

  3. Great idea, Penny...I haven't done this type of journaling for my beading journal pages but do/did for My Art Diary, which actually is a 18" x 18" art quilt book. I have a small journal that I wrote down each and every dye, thread, paint, etc. I used. I only did this because I don't remember from technique to project I do! But perhaps your idea for beading is great! I might have to start doing that.



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