Tuesday, April 13, 2010


How many chances do we get to celebrate life?  I think that we have new chances each and every day -- and so I've created this fellow to remind me to fill my life with joy and laughter, love and 'glitter'!  To put a sparkle in each day, to catch the light just right, to gather beauty in all forms cradling and nuturing it within my hands. 

Embellishing this figure was labor intensive - but sometimes that's what life is all about, putting that extra labor into whatever it is we're doing.  Sometimes he didn't seem like a celebration to me at all because it was so difficult to work with these small arms and to deal with legs that seemed to go every which way.  But when its hard, the reward is so much greater.

"Happiness is the absence of striving for happiness" - Chuang Tzu


  1. What an amazing celebration!!!!!!

    Robin A.

  2. This is terrific! It feels like a celebration and makes me smile looking at it!



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