Thursday, April 1, 2010

Art in Asheville

Last week a friend and I went to Asheville for a day of inspiration.  Now mind you, Asheville is only 40 minutes away from our homes -- but its not often that we get a chance to just go there, tour the galleries and shops, have lunch and visit -- so it is always a special treat.

This day began at Bellagio (in Biltmore Village), a shop with the motto "art to wear" they feature clothes and jewelry.  The clothes are beautifully handmade - using colors and fabrics that can set your heart racing.  The displays alone are enough to make you want to stand in one place taking in the woven patchwork jacket hanging above a piece of elegant, contemporary jewelry which is laying on a beautifully draped scarf.  Yum!!!  So much art in one store -- and all of it wearable. 

Our next stop was New Morning Gallery - which is right next to Bellagio.  This shop focuses on art for the home - from furniture to pottery to whimisical sculpture shapes and mobiles.  If either of us had recently won the lottery we'd have been happy to clear out the entire store.  Around each corner lay a new and exciting piece.

Next on the agenda was lunch - and our conversation was sprinkled with 'wasn't that beautiful?' - 'how do you suppose the artist did that...'.

Then we moved into downtown Asheville where our first stop was French Broad Chocolates.  Oh boy -- my mouth is watering even as I write this.  We each chose two pieces of chocolate to enjoy there in the presence of that heavenly chocolate aroma.  Our favorite is called Thai truffle and it featured flavors like coconut, lime, lemon grass, ginger and green chili.  Sounds strange?  No, no, no -- it was by far the most delicious chocolate I've ever tasted.  Do I want to go back -- you bet!!!

Then it was on to Ariel Gallery and Blue Spiral Gallery and the Asheville Arts Council Gallery.  More feasting for the eyes, more wanting to capture each and everything in our minds so that after we left the images would stay strong.

It was a lovely day made even better by the fact that when I came home I made notes of ideas that I had while looking at all of the beauty -- perhaps someday I'll go back to those notes and make a whole new creation based on this one particular day.  Isn't it wonderful to spend a day with a dear friend and share some of the most lovely creativity that is available.

"Art demands constant observation." - Vincent van Gogh

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