Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ribbons and Fibers - oh my!!

I sit here, holding these oh so colorful ribbons and fibers in my hands.  The colors intermingle and I am in heaven!  This batch of beauties came to me via Ribbonsmyth and I was so happy to receive them.  I have a space in my studio where ribbons and fibers hang over dowel rods but when I first receive a batch of them I cannot bare to hang them in their oh so proper place - at least not until I've run my fingers through them and soaked in their colors and textures.  The varigated ribbons are my favorite - sometimes the color combination fills me with ideas.  In this particular batch there is a varigated ribbon with the combination colors turquoise, brown and cream.  Now isn't that a lucious mix and one that will be stirring around in my brain until I can figure out how to use it on a beaded piece. 

Some artists go to the local paint store and collect chips of paint to get ideas for color matches and blends and contrasts.  That is a great idea, and certainly a lot less expensive than buying packets of ribbons and fibers BUT the fluidity of the ribbons and the texture of the fibers fills me with the anticipation of using that blend.  I'm a pretty tactile person - I want to touch it - I want to feel it - I want it to drape across the palm of my hand.  So lucky me -- to have just gotten a whole new batch of inspiration.

"Inspiration can come from any direction, but only you can tap into it." - Faith Puleston

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