Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Begin at the Beginning

The BJP 2010 has begun and so have I - although not quite as quickly as I had hoped but at least its still January so I'm not behind (yet)!

As I mentioned in my October 1, 2009 blog posting my 'theme' for 2010 will be 'bookmarks'.  I have a jar on my work table with bunches of words inside. Each month I'll pull out a word and translate it into a bookmark form.  I made one sample bookmark and realized that you could never actually use it for a bookmark because the beading makes it too thick.  BUT - I love the idea of using words and using the bookmark form so I have decided to go ahead and make the bookmarks - however I won't back them with ultrasuede (as I had originally planned to do) but eventually will mount them in frames. 

My word for January is 'interlude'.  I love that word - it just seems to work with the time of the year (these quiet winter days spent inside due to really cold weather). Here is the tray set up with the eyelet placed and the 'cab' placed.  Now on to the beading...

Interlude, n.  An intervening episode, period, space, etc.


  1. What a great idea, and an excellent first word.
    Looking forward to seeing your bookmarks as they progress.


  2. I thought about doing bookmarks too! I'm going to enjoy watching your progress through the year. :- )

  3. Like that idea a LOT! and those colors are delightful.

  4. Thanks for your comments. Hopefully I won't draw too many words that stump me as to beading *smile*!!

  5. What a great word for january...and the colors look great with your cab. You might also consider that your "interpretation" of your word doesn't have to be literal...sometimes just color and movement alone can give you the right feel for it.

  6. Thanks 'beadbabe' - you can bet it will get quite abstract as I pull words that don't bring an immediate picture to mind. Stay tuned...I might end up having to ask for suggestions!

  7. Interlude! What a perfect word... It even sounds beautiful! I'm using words too... 6 words for each month, only I'm just picking them out of my head on the first day of each month. Your idea of making bookmarks is fabulous!

    Robin A.

  8. Thanks Robin. Believe it or not I picked all these words way back in the summer -- so I have completely forgotten what words are in that jar. It will be 'interesting' to see what word I get each month.

  9. What a great idea with drawing the words out of a jar! At least if beaders block hits you, using the words will give you a jumping off point. Cant wait to see your progress. Thanks for visiting my blog!



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