Friday, July 3, 2015


...Fiona Dempster.

"In different ways and in different places, you come across the idea that your voice or your making is precious and special because nobody else in the whole entire world is going to make what you make, in the way you make it, with the dreams you have dreamt of it, with what you bring to it, with the spirit you imbue in it and the experiences that have wrought it.  Nobody else can make your work and that is the gift you bring to the world." 

Words that make my heart sing, that give me purpose as I sit down with needle and thread, that inspire me to give the very best that is in me.  I hope they speak to you also. If you haven't seen Fiona's blog and/or her website you're in for a treat. Please visit Fiona at Paper Ponderings to see her blog and for fantastic visions of her book art work wander over to her website Fiona

With the weight of Fiona's words I'd better get back to sewing hadn't I?!

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  1. Lovely to detour into such a wonderful blog. Thank you so much for the direction, Penny!



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