Monday, July 6, 2015

Finding My Wings?

Prior to our trip out west I made up three 'Quietude' dolls.  I needed to create calm and peace as we made all of our reservations and went through the whole thing of getting ready to be out of town for two weeks.  I definitely needed a bit of serenity in my life.

My idea after getting home was to complete at least two more and then perhaps something else would pop into my head.  That completion project died a quick death as I fumbled around trying to find embellishments that would work and getting less and less interested each day.

While out on the desert we saw birds that we don't see here -- lots of them.  Magpies, which have a bad reputation but I love seeing them soar.  Quail are all over and always busily walking their grounds.  Just as perky and cute as can be.  

Then I came home to all the birds we have here.  And the thought came over me that perhaps I might make up some cloth birds.  Uh-oh -- the moment that thought came to me, my mind started churning with ideas: shabby chic? muted and mild? embellishments? shape? printed fabric or plain or both? eyes? standing or hanging or sitting - or all three????

And so I'll lift my wings and see what fun I can have.  Perhaps my summer will be completely devoted to bird watching.

"It's impossible to explain creativity.  It's like asking a bird, 'How do you fly?'" - Eric Jerome Dickey


  1. OMGosh!! This next series will be right up my alley. I just can't wait to see how you transform bird thoughts into reality. Birds have a personality all their own and I can think of several ways to portray my favorites. I have never seen a Magpie, but I would LOVE too, since Crow are at the top of my love list.

    You got me excited this morning!!
    xx, Carol

  2. It's amazing how the change of scene can give a real push to creativity, as well as a new direction!

  3. If you are bird watching Penny, we all will be as well! :)

  4. Sounds like creativity has taken wing!

  5. A bird series will be wonderful! Can't wait :)



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