Monday, July 13, 2015

"Rusty Toed Flutterby"

Look what appeared in my neighborhood recently.  Yes, its the elusive Rusty Toed Flutterby.  As far as I know, this is the only known sighting of this rare (and probably endangered) bird.

As unlikely as it may seem, this specimen seemed quite friendly.  I even invited her in for tea and she accepted.  I was able to snap this picture when she wasn't looking.

She told me that she is in search of other members of her clan and I promised to be on the look out.  Hope you'll help her by keeping your eyes open also.  Who knows what our bird watching will bring.

"Most discoveries even today are a combination of serendipity and of searching." - Siddhartha Mukherjee


  1. Oh, my! I adore this odd little Flutterby, rusty toes and all! I will be keeping a hopeful eye out for any that may appear in my garden!

  2. Not endangered anymore - she has found a good friend, I can tell!

  3. Ahh. I had heard about the Flutterby. They are not really endangered you know. They are just really good at hiding from HAWKS!! Every now and then I see a Hawk fly overhead and low and behold there are 2 o3 three Flutterby chasing him across the sky only to disappear from sight right into that hole in the sky.

    You must look upward or you will never see a Flutterby...unless you are lucky enough to find one that has lost her way!!
    xx, Carol

  4. Oh wow, adorable! Seems like your imagination literally did take wing!!

  5. Oh! she's lovely! sweet little rusty toes and bushy tail feathers :) hopefully, you will find lots more of her little friends to share with us!

  6. My dear Penny, I was rendered unable to comment on seeing this yesterday, so I slept on it. It may be (although it's debatable) the absolute most creative thing you have, well...errr...created! I am excited to know there will surely be more in this series, but don't know how you could top this Flutterby. I love the fluffy tail and head topper, the button on wing, and most of all the upward bent of the head as if eager to take flight. Also, if those feet are truly rusty, I want to wrap them in fabric to dye their image onto cloth. Lol. Well done, can't wait for more!



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