Monday, January 19, 2015


The first time I discovered "Starr" she was on her back, looking toward the sky.  Whatever is she doing?  Perhaps a bit of cloud watching???  No, it turns out that she is enamored with stars -- but had slept the night away and thought she might find a bit of starlight in the early morning.  She had seen a sliver of moon once in broad daylight.  Why not a star?

Our visit led us into a discussion of stars.  She was bumfuzzled because Bibliofile had read to them all about stars and he said that stars are balls of gases held together by their own gravity.  Surely she thought they were much more romantic than that. At that point in the reading she broke down in tears and the whole group had to stop the educational process to give Starr several shoulders to cry on.

And so I gave Starr my thoughts on the mysteries of life -- and the perceptions that each of us has.  If her perception is that the stars are beautiful shining beacons in the dark sky, why not keep those thoughts?  Why not spend her evenings watching the stars as she has in the past?  Magic can often be the very best part of our lives and  we should hold it close and nurture it.   For isn't there a value in living your life through dreams and ideas and fanciful notions?

"When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dreams
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do..."

Lee Harlington and Ned Washington


  1. Even astronomers who spend their lives studying the stars can sometimes look up and be astonished by the beauty of the night sky..

  2. Starr!! What I love about the sky is the night. You can just about tell what season it is by how close or far the stars are. And looking for the first star of the night to make a special wish. And don't forget that last star that can be seen just after the sun begins to rise and the moon disappears. Don't get me wrong Starr. I LOVE the sun and the warmth it spreads with it's glorious glow, but you just can't LOOK and the sun and wonder and wish on it. And it is gas TOO!

    So keep the mystery of the stars in your heart. Would you like to talk about clouds for a while?
    xx, Carol, Penny's friend in Northern Indiana


    ...my word of the week!! :-)))

  4. Starr, I should have brought you home with me today. We have the telescope out and are looking at the night sky, trying to find a comet. It's lovely out, and i'm sure you would enjoy seeing the magical stars through the lens. Another time, perhaps?

  5. it's always good to remember all things can be seen in different ways isn't it?! There's a life lesson in there for sure !

  6. Me too Chris, Bumfuzzled! Stars are my first choice of what to love about the heavens, and gaseous or not, they are always there. We are all made of tiny particles of something, one no less an existence than the other. Take heart Starr! Hey Penny is Starr a Piffle?

  7. PS...I love her squiggly nose and all her very real stars!

  8. We all need that magic in our lives so very much. I love that you still have so much enchantment in your heart and fingers.

  9. Ha! I'm having so much fun catching up on these magical personalities!



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