Friday, January 2, 2015

Searching for the Words

I've recently been on a search for words that would bring a smile - or represent life in a little bit different way.  Its been lots of fun.

Here are a few that I especially like:

Balderdash - Nonsense
Cahoots - Collusion
Discombobulate - Confuse
Folderol - Nonsense
Gallimaufry - Hodge Podge
Kerfuffle - Commotion
Lollygag - Dawdle
Persnickety - Very Particular
Piffle - Trivial Nonsense
Rigamarole - Intricate set of procedures
Tom Foolery - Silly Act
Woolgathering - Idyl Daydreaming

So my new year's challenge is to use these and other words like them -- here and there - spattering them into my days whether printed or spoken.  Just having fun...

"My favourite words are possibilities, opportunities and curiosity.  I think if you are curious, you create opportunities, and then if you open the doors, you create possibilities." - Mario Testino


  1. What fun words, I think I discombobulate myself quite often and definitely spend a fair amount of time wool gathering.

  2. You have some of my favourites here - I use persnickety a lot, kerfuffle too and piffle :D my husband uses drat as an exclamation, which I love and I shall be shoehorning gallimaufry into a few conversations I think! I also used to know someone who said pish! Where others might say rubbish! But I've never managed to adopt it,maybe I didn't try hard enough!

  3. Finding such quirky and fun ways to describe things exactly captures your spirit. This is great! My mother lived in the dictionary, so I am familiar with all these words. She used such words every day in ordinary conversation. The only new one to me is Gallimaufry. Thanks for the list.

  4. Kerfuffle gets used a lot in our family, but I need to add gallimaufry to my active vocabulary!

  5. ...and don't forget to look up Shakespearean insults too!...

    ...they can be a right giggle :-)

    Happy New Year lovely lady x C

  6. All definitely words that need to come right back into circulation! Happy new year!!


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