Monday, January 12, 2015


Yes indeed, I did it!!  I made contact with my very first Piffle and it was so fortuitous because it turns out that he is a 'wordie' like I am.  I discovered him sitting on a pile of books - which I later found out he had liberated from the back of local thrift shop.  They are his pride and joy.   

Apparently he usually goes foraging for non-fiction books (any others might be too provocative) in the outdoor book chute at the library. He will sneak in there late at night and carry away as many as he can handle, sometimes bringing a helper along.  I can just imagine them - one inside, one outside with ropes holding the books and a lot of lifting and hoisting going on - such a rigamarole when he could go inside and check them out.

Once he has read them, both to himself and aloud to his loyal listeners, he returns them to the chute no damage done.  My only thought, as he elaborated on his plan, was that there must be some very upset library patrons - who could swear they dropped their books in the slot days ago and yet keep getting 'fined'. 

Having just discovered this 'lost tribe' I daren't be too critical or I'll spoil everything.  Remember, we're still keeping this under our hats.

"He that loves reading has everything within his reach." - William Godwin


  1. Oh boy, I think this entire post is a tiny charming introduction into your next fantasy world, and I can't wait!

  2. So THAT'S what happened to it!

  3. Bibliophile, a Piffle after my own heart! I can hardly wait to meet others from that tribe.

  4. A "wordie" Piffle--what a curious and charming this fellow is!



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