Monday, January 26, 2015

Sari Gobbins

It was easy to find Sari -- she's so entranced with bright colors, especially ribbons.  Apparently she has caused a kerfuffle among the Piffle group because she just can't resist bright colors.  Quite a few of the Piffles are worried that her colorful attire will attract unwanted attention.

Sari Gobbins is not to be deterred however.  She is somewhat of an extrovert and sort of a flibbertigibbet -- so she's not afraid of being discovered.  This was a treat for me - since she was happy to visit with me.  Of course the fact that I brought her a few 'pretties' to wear didn't hurt my cause any!

Fortunately winter doesn't last too long and not many people are out wandering the woods at this time of the year.  The trees and bushes and flowers will be back to fill in the woodland spaces and then Sari will blend right in.

"Today you are you!  That is truer than true!  There is no one alive who is you-er than you!" - Dr. Seuss


  1. Sari is just lovely!!

    ...hope she can wait for Spring! :-)


  2. Sari is beautiful and I am loving the stories around these creations!

  3. Sari is delightful! I was glad to make her acquaintance last week. And, of course, her shoes are the best final touch. She'll be tripping through the flowers soon enough.

  4. Your little corner of the world must be getting crowded with Piffles and residents of Lickety Split! I absolutely adore Sari's little shoes, and her colors are enchanting!

  5. She is beautiful. My favourite so far, I think! Your imagination and your creative hands are going at full speed!!

  6. I'm with Sari - bright colours and sunshine...!

  7. Another fantastical Piffle :) She reminds me of my mother - she loves the bling too, and wouldn't run from a tornado. I like these Piffles!

  8. Piffles! They never learn. You would think that the urban legends carried down from the Piffles in the 60's would teach them a lesson. They should remember those hippy Piffles that stopped at the forest for a while. They were known a renegades back then, but oh what fun they brought to the forest. I suspect many of the Piffles are sons, daughters and grandchildren to those Hippy Piffies as they were called back then!!

  9. Oh, ho! I love Sari and those adorable little shoes!



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