Monday, October 31, 2016

Making My Way

Once again my work table is filling up with ideas.  Fabric, threads and even doo-dads.  I'm getting very excited about starting a new punchneedle project.

My mental thoughts are of flying a kite.  What direction will it take?  How high will it fly? Can I truly give the work over to my hands and heart - without my critical mind taking over?

"Day dreams are fertile ground for the imagination.  While day dreaming rational thought goes out the window, so new perspectives can find their way in." -Linda Naiman


  1. Great description of creative thoughts, Penny! So many options! I've always wanted to try punchneedle--definitely on my list of things to try.

  2. It can be very hard to just play and not edit too soon - good luck with that!

  3. Let your heart, hands and mind all partner together. None shall be dominant. They shall make exquisite three part harmony!

  4. "...rational thought goes out the window..." I think that says it all! And I certainly have experienced that surge of inspiration and all of the winding paths it has taken me. Enjoy the journey!

  5. It's funny how the creative process starts and then just kind of takes over. Many can follow a pattern to a T. I find that difficult unless I am crocheting. Even in stitching a quilt you may follow the sizes of pieces of fabric to cut, but are usually giving it your own feel by the fabrics you select. Letting your mind meander along the creative path gives the greatest gift at the end...gratification. It is the prize we all seek, even when we don't think we are.

    Happy November 1...I celebrate St. Francis of Assisi
    xx, Carol

  6. I love the colors-can't wait to see what you do. Your studio is pretty.

  7. I was away and missed this, catching up now. I always love your anticipatory "messes", and punch needle again sounds perfect. I have one of yours, Key to My Heart, and it hangs under a favorite photo of my family all together. :)



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