Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Fling

A couple of weeks ago I walked under trees with bare branches.  I strolled over to a Forsythia that was barren.  I noticed a couple of daffodils but otherwise our neighborhood was still in winter.

And then the sun started shining and the blooms appeared. 

I am surrounded by color, beautiful color.

I am in love with our earth and its beauty.

"Spring has returned.
  The Earth is like a child that knows poems."
Ranier Maria Rilke


  1. We are not quite that pretty here yet!! A muddy mess actually. I am watching the early news and it is snowing about 5 miles from here. Let me go check the window....Nope. No snow here, Thank you! I DID see daffodils in the back yard were blooming. But then I looked a little to the right and saw the weeds sprouting too. I'm itching to get out there but not until the rain from yesterday drys up.

    Thanks for posting pictures of your blooming trees. A pleasant reminder that Spring is almost here!!
    Happy Easter, friend.
    xx, Carol

  2. Yes, it is lovely to see the colour returning - however slowly!

  3. Your deep appreciation of things many of us often don't notice is delightful. It slows me down and I take notice! Thank you for reminding us to to live in the moment with gratitude.

  4. wonderful colour.Almost makes me wish we had really cold snowy winters. Almost!

  5. Beautiful! Love your quote and don't recognize it so am saving it in my heart and on my favorites list. Hugs for a Happy Spring ahead!



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