Friday, January 23, 2015


I've recently added a little extra magic in my life.  Oh the excitement of opening a package from Robin Ridener of "Baggaraggs". 

I started with "Everland" -- a bit of a thing who sits on a ball of twine.  Her story is a dream sequence which is quite haunting and lovely.  


Robin's use of embellishments -- oddities -- paper, fabric and thread are just hard to describe.  In fact each time I hold  one of my little trio I discover something else.  The "Wishlist" talks about Christmas -- but I consider it my year-round wish list since I've been wanting one (or more) of Robin's dolls for what seems like forever.

And don't you love "Birdbrain"?  With her burlap wings and a Robin-made bird on her head she makes me laugh.

If you haven't discovered Robin's magical creations -- please hop right over to her shop on Etsy  --  Baggaraggs Etsy Shop . And don't miss her blog where she tells the stories of her creations at Baggaraggs Blog .

"True originality consists not in a new manner but in a new vision." - Edith Wharton



  1. Imagination, story-telling, charming creations --a soulmate for you, Penny!

  2. Penny!

    Thank you for your lovely blog entry about my Baggaraggs Folks. I am so happy you find SMILES and magic in them! I am grateful for the tribute...have been feeling off lately and thankful from the heart to get a boost from you. I am honored. HUGS, Robin

  3. They are great and fit well with your figures I think.

  4. There is a lot to SEE!! I can see you smiling ear to ear because they certainly bring a smile to my face.
    xx, Carol

  5. How delightful that these "cousins" have come to stay with our friends in Lickety-Split! They are so charming and colorful.

  6. New friends for the people of Lickety-Splitt - more fun for all of you!

  7. I love Baggaraggs little creatures! Robin is one of my favorite doll creators--her work is always a combination of weird and warm, fey and friendly!

  8. Don't cha just love Robin's dolls!!! They are so whimsical...I've been trying to 'snag' one out of her Etsy shop too! Hope she continues making them. Thanks for posting your 'treasures'.
    Teresa in California



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