Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Misfits

Being minimalists for forever, my hubby and I continue our 'low maintenance' holiday decorating.  Except for Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas music (from many, many years ago) and a bit of table top frivolity there is not much going on around here during 'the season'. 

 For those who create beautiful trees each year, my paper tree might be a sad imitation  but I love it.  It was handmade by someone and it seems somehow to put the holiday into delightful perspective.

"I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." - Charles Dickens


  1. I am also a minimalist, buy my husband isn't. So every year we have the real tree in our living room, although they have gotten smaller than reaching the ceiling over time. I just admit that once it's decorated, I enjoy it. There are so many memories in the ornaments, so many made by small hands when our kids were young. However, I would be happy with your paper tree as well, and just trying to keep the Christmas spirit in my heart all year long. I'd display those special ornaments somehow to be a reminder as the years go by.,

  2. Love the paper tree and Santa in the chair. I've been busy wrapping gifts, this morning--alternating with playing with clay and embroidering a head piece. My decorating this year just never achieved the same enthusiasm as in years past, but I love the lights from the Christmas tree.

    Ahh, we have Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas music--also from many years ago, but still loved and appreciated each year.

  3. Love the sign!
    We aren't exactly minimal, but I don't think we go too far over the top...

  4. I love your little paper tree!

    Have a great festive season my lovely lady...

    ...see you next year for more adventures :-)

    x C

  5. Love your tree, I would like to be minimalist but the family won't hear about it, still I do try and be as tasteful as possible.

  6. Love the paper tree! Christmas is in the heart and that's where you make it, I've always thought. Have a lovely Christmas!

  7. I love it!! When the kids were little, I went all out to make the house a winter wonderland. Now, it's a trip to the attic to find a small tree that is stored away already set up. Put it on a table and plug it in. HOWEVER....I MUST light the outside with cheerful lites. Around the deck and up to the underhang over the patio doors and down to the deck rail. The lights reflect off the soffet and its a really magical site. I love Christmas Lights. When we finish the pond area I'm going to light it with Christmas lights all year round. Christmas lights make me happy.

    Merry Christmas!!
    xx, Carol

  8. Hi Penny! You have the right idea. We do put up a tree and a creche, but for the most part I decorate with sprigs of fresh evergreens and pinecones, etc gathered from the woods. It's very calming and peaceful, and no boxing up after Christmas! Just toss it in the compost :)

  9. I love your paper tree! I am a pack rat. I long to be a minimalist. I just don't know how to let go of stuff. I am going to try though! Merry Christmas!



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