Monday, December 1, 2014

"Bugsy" E. Wilsonette

If you're wandering around Lickety-Split on a sunny day, you'll probably see this mysterious person kneeling in the grass, or peering into a bush.  What is he doing, what is he looking for?  Well he is a recently arrived entomologist.  Yes, we have our very own 'bugologist' here in Lickety-Split.  

Bugsy is on a quest to study any and all insects that come his way.  Trapped in a world of bug spray and fly swatters he tries to educate anyone who will listen, that bugs are 'people' too'.  He has answered many a panicked call from housewives who have encountered a spider or grasshopper inside their house and he is happy to respond. All to save the life of the poor creatures.  

He has also collected quite a few insects for study before he releases them.  This brings a troubled frown to Mother  Murphy, his landlady.  She has made him a deal that he can rent a room at the boarding house but he must clean it himself. As she says "You aren't getting me close to those jars and bottles of his".  Perhaps, as his stay at the boarding house lengthens he'll make a convert of Mother Murphy.

"One thing I did was grow up as an ardent naturalist.  I never grew out of my bug period." - E. O. Wilson


  1. I am married to someone who works in conservation, he is, himself a bit of a Bugsy and you have no idea just hoe many others I know :-0 such a good portrayal :)

  2. This could be my daughter, always turning logs over or peering under rocks when young, sometimes even in adulthood. I love his buggy eyes!

  3. Another charming addition to the community of Lickety-Split!

  4. Lickety-Split is turning into a fine community, with scope for scholars, eccentrics and - no doubt - busybodies!

  5. Anyone who can rescue me from spiders is very welcome!

  6. Oh! I must call him to my house. He would find our current Stink Bug VERY interesting. They are such prehistoric looking creatures!

  7. Oh I love him! He would be right at home here. We have had pet bugs, stink bugs included. We named them all Harry. I am just not too fond of flies or wasps-but almost every other bug I like....
    I agree with you about having beautiful things out where you can see them-I do that too. Hope you enjoyed your visit to that Etsy shop!



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