Monday, April 21, 2014


You never know where a bit of thought and meditation might take you.  This time it took me on a walk through 'time'.  

Using the door symbol I thought about walking through it, either inside or out, just as we walk through time all of our lives.

Numbers can rule our lives -- and if not rule them they certainly play an important place in our everyday activities.  I've come to think of time and numbers as a tool we've used to enhance civilization.  When there are large numbers of us we must have some way to control it all -- thus we keep time and we count the days.

As for me -- my studio work often takes me away from time.  For a bit of each day I am lost in ideas, thread, fabric and color and I treasure each moment (while not counting it).

"What then is time?  If no one asks me, I know what it is.  If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know." - Saint Augustine


  1. Now that I have "All The Time In The World" I don't want to keep track of time. I want no designation of when to rise, eat or go to bed. I am governed by others needs. My time is not my own..but on reflection, would I really want it to be?
    xx, Carol

  2. Forgot to tell you what a cool piece this is. I like the color and design. Is the clock a recycled piece or a charm? Looks great.

  3. Another amazing house, love it, you are going to have the most amazing village I think it may be difficult to decide which one to move in to.

  4. And the shape is a bit like a Time Capsule as well. Just like you, time disappears when I'm at the work table or sitting with stitch ...
    It's GRAND, Penny!

  5. That has turned out beautifully. I love the door image on the front. Any significance to the numbers on the back?

  6. It's delightful - full of lovely texture!

  7. Carol got lost in your thoughts, then recalled how inspiring this piece is. Same here! Time is almost my own, but not all and I guess that's good. This piece is so beautiful, I love your charms and colors. From the clock hand charms to the lovely door, I want to walk through it and explore. Simply beautiful, Penny!

  8. How about one with wings....

    ...and "Time Flies" or

    "Tempus Fugit" on the front!!

    x C

  9. How did I miss this lovely little house when you first posted it? Too much going on to spend time at my PC, so now I'm having the pleasure of catching up.



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