Friday, April 11, 2014

Fourth Month Meditation

My meditation this month is 'time'.  It fills our days.  The sun comes up, the sun goes down, the earth rotates and the universe continues moving through time.  As humans we have managed to 'manufacture' a lot of our time.  We have rules for it, we try to tame it, even change its parameters twice a year.  We worry about having too much time on our hands or not enough time in a day or a month or a year.

Recently I had the opportunity to take a drive with my hubby where he was to attend an a half day meeting.  It was held at a beautiful lodge in the mountains but it turned out to be a grey, rainy, wet day.  I settled myself in a chair, opened my book and started to read.  I had a cup of tea beside me, my book and a beautiful view.  I wasn't 'filling' time while I waited for the meeting to be over.  I was letting go of time. There were no errands to do, no deadlines, no responsibility I had to fulfill.  Just a block of unregulated space and I realized how seldom I allow myself that kind of freedom.

A word such as 'time' is literally a never ending source of meditation and thought for me.

"Meditation is the soul's perspective glass." - Owen Feltham 


  1. Lovely.
    Not enough time seems to be what I am always thinking. Oh, I'm not in a rush to get things done. My only deadline is preparing supper. But the day starts at 5 AM and ends when I choose but still the days slip away into weeks and months and it feels like its spinning by.

  2. I love your thoughts here - letting go of time and giving yourself a block of unregulated space - so hard for me and no easier as I get older and can feel the years slipping by faster and faster.

  3. Why is it that time goes faster as it goes? Lol! Penny, you are the most introspective person I know, and there are always gems in your thoughts to take with me. The key word for me here is "unregulated". Have to let go of the idea that only regulated time is worthy of notice.

  4. What wonderful thought - and ones that really resonate with me as I try to deal with the issues I've been having with time and get a better balance in my life. Thank you for giving me something to think about!!

  5. Just letting go of time is a very valuable "cure" for that frantic feeling. As you say - we should do it more often...



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