Thursday, February 21, 2013


She is Earthbound made of - clay and paper, metal and beads. 

Rocks and soil hold her in place.  She is a celebration of the earth
beneath my feet.

She closes her eyes and feels her place in the universe.

There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth. ~Rumi


  1. And she has the most wonderful topknot, too!

  2. I would love to share that space with her!

    She looks so contented :-)
    x C

  3. So demure and sincere is what I see in her. Very special, Penny, and you know I love her peaceful face.

  4. She reminds me of a Santa I made once. He was made of painted cloth. I should have kept him but ended up selling him. I loved him although my family said he looked like Noah from the ark!

    I love your doll. Do you sell any of them? Karen

  5. Oops didn't mean your doll looks like Santa! Sorry, just meant the look and feel of her. She is a beauty!

  6. She is at peace, eyes closed in meditation and happy to know that she is enough and proud of her place in the Universe. That's what I see. Her topknot shows her Whimsey.

    She is a unique little lady.
    xx, Carol

  7. Another beautiful doll! Love the name, it seems to fit her face so well. Such a peacefulness within.

  8. Serenity. She seems to be soaking up the early spring sunshine.

  9. so cool! I love him.
    wow- I am so behind on your blog. sorry!



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