Monday, November 5, 2012


Its truly Fall here in the western North Carolina mountains.  The trees are all showing off their warm, rusty, yellow colors.  The leaves are drifting down into piles, piles and more piles.  The air is cool and crisp and the sky even seems a bit bluer when seen behind  the colorful trees.

Someone is out on a collecting trip.  Although this little basket won't hold a whole lot, I guess its the thought that counts. 

This little 'devil' knows that he gave me no end of frustration during his creation - but he thinks he's worth it!

"And now, this is the sweetest and most glorious day that ever my eyes did see." - Donald Cargill


  1. If the basket only takes a small amount, it simply means that the collector will have to collect only really good stuff...

  2. Ha!! I love that sly look. Good work again Penny!

  3. What wonderful personality this one has - those eyes are so confident!

  4. I like those buttons on his hat...I want a better look at those birds! I don't know what he is collecting, but only the best of will find its way into the basket. This guy is great.
    xx, Carol

  5. Penny, I love this one, and oh what an expressive face! You know, many define art as something that evokes emotion. You are a true artist, my friend! This series of dolls says it all.

  6. Definitely worth it! He's wonderful. Love the colours, his great vest, and that expression on his face! Can you explain how you do the eyes? Are they drawn separately and glued on or are they paper? They certainly give him an interesting expression.

  7. Deb - The eyes are printed onto fabric (I take the eyes themselves from old portraits), then glued onto the face - after the face is finished I gesso the whole thing. Thanks for your comment - Penny

  8. Thank you Penny. Very interesting. I haven't made a doll in such a long time. I love how they take on a personality as you make them.



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