Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blank 'canvas'

This 'page' is sitting on my table waiting for stitching and embellishment.  Although this isn't really a 'blank' canvas as I have already put a collage of fabric and paper upon the true blank page -- it is still 'blank' from my standpoint.

It needs more layers -- its needs some embellishment and most of all it needs stitchery.  The stitchery is the 'exciting' part.  What stitches will I use?  What would go here and over there?  How many French knots or x's should go in this spot? 

Okay time to thread the needle...

"At no time are we ever in such complete possession of a journey, down to its last nook and cranny, as when we are busy with preparations for it." - Yukio Mishima


  1. You are at least past the truly blank canvas stage - no white paper staring accusingly, asking "What are you going to do with me?"

  2. So lovely and muted. Looking forward to seeing the embellishments.

  3. Anticipation from up here!
    Oh and I've been reading punchneedle books!



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