Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Leaving the Nest"

Leaving the nest of punchneedle I have wandered quite haphazardly back into needle and thread stitchery.  Celebrating this marvelous spring has been my motto for this three-part hanging.  Simple scenes of birds and nests, feathers and eggs have developed from a special piece of patterned fabric that I found waiting for me at the fabric shop.  Who could resist this beautiful bird? 

Blue spotted eggs which have been sitting here on my desk for a couple of years have finally found their nest.

This little metal bird has also sitting here for a long time awaiting his very own nest.

These pictures are taken prior to my putting them all together in a row, one below the other one.

"I look out of this window and I think this is a cosmos, this is a huge creation, this is one small corner of it.  The trees and birds and everything else and I'm part of it.  I didn't ask to be put here, I've been lucky in finding myself here." - Morris West


  1. They are absolutely delightful - clearly you're flying, now you've left the nest!

  2. Your adventure away from punchneedle is awesome too. I love these darlings!

  3. These are wonderful! What are the eggs? Are they real eggs!? And yes, the bird fabric is one I would not pass up either!

  4. Well.....I'm glad it's not just me that likes to flit between one thing and another!

    Enjoy the journey...

    x C

  5. Thought I had commented, but don't see it, not too organized these days. Very lovely, Penny! Nice to take a detour now and then.

  6. These are delightful, Penny - I love the colours, and the mixed media embellishments!!



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