Monday, May 9, 2011

Art Lessons

[Note:  We got back from our trip to Arizona late last night. Today my brain is on jet lag and I have 'tons' of photo's to go through.  I had prepared this post before we went and it is my 'fill-in' until I can get back to you with all the trip stuff.  Thanks for stopping by.]

With my interest in the more abstract aspects of art creation I've begun a new-to-me learning process.  I have never formally had art lessons (if you don't count my eighth grade class where I was more involved in what I was wearing than what I was creating).  While I've been 'arting' for years and years it has all been by the seat of the pants - if it looked good to me it was okay.  But as I've begun trying to create my own abstract punchneedle art I realized that I might need some help.

I have turned to a book entitled "The New Creative Artist".  It is written by a painter Nita Leland but this book is geared to more than those armed with a paint brush.  She addresses collage and fabric also.  My main reason for starting with this book is that she has a good sized section on abstract art.  Kindly however, she begins with the basics of art in general and as I read through it I realize how little I truly know. 

So here I am immersed in words and concepts such as: elements of design, principles of design, line, shape, value, harmony, gradation, balance - ah the list goes on and on.  Thank heaven for artists who are willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us.

 "During your whole life as an artist, learn through painstaking experimentation, exercise, and practice how to acquire a masterly knowledge of your craft". - Paul Jacques Grillo

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  1. Hi Penny; This is my second attempt at commenting. The other one went poof into the ether! But enjoy Nita Leland's book..she's great. So interesting how the more we know/learn, the more we realize we don't know.



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