Monday, April 11, 2011

"Into the Woods"

My first truly abstract punchneedle piece.  A larger piece than I've done before -- which was very freeing.  A test of colors and stitch heights and mixing and matching.  Of filling in spaces and running out of yarn and a kind soul rescuing me from delay and frustration.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this picture - drawing the design onto fabric and then changing it as I went along to make a better mixture of color and space filling.  There was no feeling of 'this has to be here or it won't make sense' - there was no sense to be made - just punching my needle in and out.  Sometimes a space was filled with loops only to be removed and replaced by different thread -- sometimes a shape was changed to make it fit better with those shapes around it.

This new-to-me journey is off to a start.  There will be much thought before starting the next design.  There are sketches to make and threads to choose.  I want to achieve a different awareness when I look at the world around me.  Perhaps I am trying to change my own perspective of a world which seems to have gone crazy.  Perhaps I am saying 'this is what a want to see - not necessarily what is really happening'.  If that is the case, so be it -- I highly recommend this type of 'therapy' to everyone!

"I am searching for abstract ways of expressing reality, abstract forms that will enlighten my own mystery". - Eric Cantona


  1. I think you passed all your self-imposed tests with an A++++! I love the way you worked improvisationally, and the freedom you felt to do that is precious. Abstraction makes no defined sense, but it has to "feel" right when being created. So I'm glad you ended up that feeling, and I'm sure it added to the pleasure creating this one brought to you. The twig embellishment is the finishing touch!

  2. And it all makes sense to me... Gorgeous, Penny. Love the colours and the addition of the tree part.

  3. Makes perfect sense to me too. I find myself more and more drawn to the abstract. The colours and patterns you have chosen are so expressive.



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