Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Art Journey Blog Giveaway

Let's welcome February!  I'm thinking Valentine's Day, are you?   With that in mind I've created my very first blog giveaway.    

Pulling out threads in rosy pinks and soft greens I've created a punchneedle 'ditty bag' which I've filled with chocolates (of course).  My very favorite holiday is Valentine's Day!  A holiday that is devoted to love and a holiday filled with pink and red, during the dreariest part of the year, what's not to like?

The design for this punchneedle bag is a variation on a 'freebie' pattern generously given out by Robin.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and your name will be put 'in the hat'. And to all of you 'quiet' ones -- this is your chance to step forward and say 'hi'.  Please make sure I have a way to contact you.  I'll announce the winner next Tuesday.

Be thinking rosy colors and sweet treats!

"Each day provides its own gifts". - American Proverb


  1. What a gorgeous little bag. I love your punchneedle and plan on learning to do it one of these days.

  2. Oh my! Hand waving in the air -- here I am! I also love Valentines Day and choclate(!) Penny, I know how hard you worked on this, and how much thought (and punching) went into it. It's absolutely beautiful! If I'm honored enough to win it, I'd be tempted to just put it on display instead of using it; but on the other hand, I can picture filling it with small supplies needed at guild meetings and sit and sew gatherings, but then just showing it off while I *very ostentatiously* pull out my dainty stork embroidery scissors, or Perle cotton threads! Thanks for offering such a lovely giveaway!

  3. The bag is beautiful and the chocolates are a delicious addition. What a treat! Come visit my blog when you have time. http://bubbygigi.blogspot.com

  4. It's so beautiful and I can just imagine what I would do with it! It's very generous of you to offer such an exquisite piece!

  5. I remember doing punchneedle when I was younger, I so wish I had seen what you have done with it as it is far more interesting. well done. What a fabulous giveaway

  6. Thank you everyone who has posted so far. Hope there are a few more of you out there -- all you have to do is say 'hi'!! *smile*

  7. How wonderful Penny !! I would have stopped in sooner to say hello and see this little beauty, but I was in the hospital for a few days...I'm fine , glad to be home...Love what you did !!!

  8. Robin, thanks for stopping by and thanks once again for the pattern - I had fun adapting it to a little gift bag.

  9. Well this is such a kind gesture Penny - hi from me - I'm glad I found you here and you are bookmarked now. I hope you have a fantastic Valentine's Day. I am in the process of making my Valentine's cloth right now. I have never seen needle punch work before. It looks as if it has a very pleasing texture. Gilly

  10. Gilly - so glad to see you. Your blog looks fascinating - I'm going to go back and read 'everything'!



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