Friday, August 20, 2010

August BJP - "Circular"

The word for August is “circular”. Once again, I pulled out a word that has significance to me. As you might know from previous blog notes I’ve felt that I’m being pulled in a circle back to art dolls. That pulling is very pleasant by the way – I’ve found myself joyously entering my studio each day to bring some new pattern to life.

As always, when I pulled out this word I started searching for something that I might have on hand that would portray the word. Sure enough I found this button with the circular design. Somewhere, sometime I had found it and added it to my stash, never even dreaming that it would be part of my 2010 BJP collection. In fact, I probably didn’t even know there was such a thing as a BJP when this precious treasure was found.

The glitch with the button was that it is pink and grey. Hmmm, not my favorite color combination. But it did happen that I have both pink and grey beads on hand from other projects so I combined what I had and got busy. Unfortunately, my reaction to the color combination made this bookmark difficult for me to make.

Hopefully next month’s word will lend itself to a theme and colors that I can relate to with more pleasure.

"A circle is the reflection of eternity. It has no beginning and it has no end - and if you put several circles over each other, then you get a spiral". - Maynard James Keenan


  1. Even if it's not your favorite combo of colors, I think you handled it really masterfully! Looking forward to the next one, Penny!

    (BTW, your link in the post you just left on the BJP site didn't come out properly)

  2. I have come to really like pink and grey together. I like your piece for sure. I like the circles and I love the top focal that looks like the center whirling in any direction. Its a great piece.

  3. You know, a thought popped in my head about the circle and your comment about returning to art dolls. Something along the lines of walking a path that turns out to return to the place you started. or coming full circle to find yourself again. Or,,,chasing your tail. Boy, my mind is sure flyin' around this morning! ~lol~

  4. Carol - you are too funny -- 'chasing your tail' yes I think I'm often doing that *smile*.

  5. I really like the muted colors in this piece. It's very, very nice!!!

  6. Pink and gray was very popular in the 50's and early 60's, and I'm always reminded of a particular outfit I had then when I see these two colors together. So, in that sense, things do come full circle sometimes. Thanks for the memory, and also thanks for the chance to view such a lovely piece.

  7. I remember the 'poodle' skirts (think I had a pink one). They were so much fun to twirl around in. Also had a couple of houses with pink and black bathrooms (yikes).

  8. Since I happen to LOVE the pink/grey color combination, I'm ecstatic about Circular, but I do understand how sometimes a piece can fight you to the point where you're glad to be done with it.

    May I offer a thought? You seemed to feel obligated to use pink and grey beads because of the colors of the button, which makes sense because we're trained to make things match. But maybe it would have been more satisfying to choose colors you like, even if they didn't match. For example, maybe you like earth colors... so browns and tans with a touch of pink thrown in? Or maybe you like red and it expresses the heat of August weather well for you? Well, what's wrong with a little pink and grey mixed with mostly red beads and ribbons? One of the principles I try to follow is to only go with materials I like, whether or not they match.

  9. Forgot to say... circling back to dolls sounds like a really good thing... I look forward to seeing what comes around next!

    Robin A.

  10. Thanks so much Robin -- I always appreciate your comments because they make me 'think' and explore my imagination!

  11. Another amazing piece and this one, with a very soft focus. I like the circular theme, but then again, I always make sure that none of my lines are straight! It's more fun that way and circling back to dolls is not a bad way to occupy your creativity.

  12. I, too, remember pink and gray quite fondly from the 50's. And I look at this piece with much pleasure. It's beautiful!
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader



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