Friday, July 2, 2010

A Joyful Mess

As summer settles in around us - I am sequestered in my studio playing, playing, playing.  I'm making messes and am enjoying it so very much.  With time floating around me and very little that I have to attend to I'm letting my imagination take me where it wants to go.

I love not having deadlines or feeling that I have to be working.  I have inventory on hand for an upcoming show so I don't feel compelled to be churning out work.  My new thrust is to create some new-to-me beaded figures using beaded faces and/or embroidered faces.  I've practiced with both and am about to the point where I think I can dive in and actually create something I can live with.

Another goal that I have is to create some new-to-me body patterns and shapes and designs.  The process for this is very time consuming -- everything has to be just right --I have to decide how the all important head is going to be placed before I design the body-- I have to know whether the figure is going to hang or stand or sit or walk (just kidding about the walking)!

And so, I have these long summer afternoons ahead of me -- surrounded by fabric and scissors, thread, needle and beads and I'll be whiling each day away - making a joyful mess.

"To find a form that accommodates the mess, that is the task of the artist now". - Samuel Beckett 

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  1. This post sounds like the quintessential summer is about to unfold...what FUN, no deadlines, just playing with that "joyful mess"! Having a little green moment of envy over here :>]



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