Monday, July 26, 2010

Art Trek Tryon

This past weekend we drove over to Polk County to visit several studios which were open for the weekend art tour.  I have to share a couple of these with you because they were just my absolute favorites.

Janet Orselli creates the most unusual and wonderful 'found object' pieces.  She uses 'old' items, like shoe lasts and roller skates, kitchen utensils and vacant wasp nests.  Each piece begs you to look at it over and over again.  Her combination of items to create each piece is pure creativity!  She captures the age of the items used and imparts her own bit of whimsy.  A joy to look at!

Martine House is a fabric artist.  Artist is truly the word for her.  Using fabric she creates collage pictures, quilts and books (just to name a few).  Her most recent work is what captured my imagination.  She has made boxes that open and inside are treasures.  The flower I'm showing here has petals that actually open up and nestled inside is a beautiful beaded necklace.  Yes, she not only works with fabric but with beads (what more could you want).  Because of the intricacy of her work she hand stitches most of the outer work.  Teeny, tiny perfect stitches!

I love studio tours - both visiting them and participating in them.  The whole idea of these artists sitting patiently in their homes or studios day after day creating their art fills me with wonder. 

"From wonder into wonder existence opens". - Lao Tzu 

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