Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beaded Journal Project

I have been waiting a year for this very day -- the day that I join the 2010 Beaded Journal Project. Last year I was a beginning beader and only found out about the BJP after the deadline. Probably a good thing since I had no idea what I was doing at that point and really wasn't ready to take on a monthly journal project. But I am ready now!!!

In previous years the BJP has run from September to September. To show you how much I was looking forward to this adventure I figured out what my project would involve way back in July. I decided to utilize my love of words and also make an homage to my book arts days. Thus, I selected a bunch of words, typed them on paper, cut out strips, carefully folded each strip (word) and put it in a glass bottle on my work table. From this bottle I determined to take a word each month and make a bookmark to reflect that word. The beginning date for the 2010 BJP is now January and I can assure you that even at this point I have no clue what words I chose back in July so beginning in January I will be surprised (and probably challenged) by the word I pick out. No picking and choosing is allowed - whatever word comes into my hand is the word of the month and I must work with it.

All year long I have 'lurked' on BJP blogs and websites and read the postings and comments - sort of like a child standing in front of the candy store window and looking in. Now I shall be part of it all. This won't be easy - everyone is so talented, so imaginative and so skilled that it will be a real challenge for me but one that I'm looking forward to with great glee. Just think - the door of the candy store has opened and I've taken that first step across the threshold.

"Art flourishes where there is a sense of adventure." - Alfred North Whitehead

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