Monday, February 2, 2015

Alberta Algorythm

I was recently quite discombulated by my newest Piffle acquaintance.  You see she is a mathematician and I am most definitely not!  I had to take Algebra twice, once to get a "D" and summer school to bring that all the way up to a "C" (and only because the teacher was kind).

So imagine my amazement at finding such a brilliant Piffle -- living here in the forest, studying numbers.  She did spend quite a bit of time trying to explain to me that the whole world, indeed our universe, is based on math.  Egads I wondered, where does that leave me?

As people who have an expertise in an area are prone to do - Alberta wanted to talk about math all afternoon.  She was sure that she could explain all of the various theories and equations if I would just sit still and listen.  It was nice to meet her, but sadly I came home thinking more about my checkbook balancing than I did about the Pythagorean theorem.

"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas." - Albert Einstein


  1. Oh, You are so right! Those mathematicians ALWAYS think if they convert a conversation to an equation the whole math world will open up to you..LOL. But Alberta IS a dear, isn't she.
    xx, Carol

  2. I agree with Carol! I'm no better at math than you, Penny. Always had to struggle through it. I've decided we are visual artistes, not brainy mathematicians. Her hat and matching shoes are adorable, so she does have some fashion sense. But her shirt says it all, numbers everywhere! Also her necklace, genius, but come on Alberta, we all don't relate! Lol.

  3. Alberta is lovely. She must have something else going on besides math, though, as Barbara said, her hat and shoes show some interest in color. I know how you feel, too, about talking math. I live with one of those who, given half a chance will explain any and all things math related until my eyes glaze over! At lease he's learning to recognize when it's time to find a different topic. Maybe you can get Alberta to change to a different topic once in a while.

  4. Perhaps she's musical too - it is said that music and maths often go together and music is as mathematical as I get!

  5. I think all Alberta needs to learn is to cut up her enthusiasms into bite size pieces for the non-initiated!

  6. Anything with lots of numbers and I'm sunk!!

    I do like here though...even if she is a maths geek!

    x C

  7. I know I use math all the time. painlessly when it is just the simple bits one uses without thinking about it. However, math that starts out with equations and letters and symbols that are usually relegated to english essays has me running for the exit, any exit and fast! Your little math star might just make me stay a bit longer!

  8. Although I have am a bit of a mathphobe, I love Alberta and am grateful that some individuals have a natural affinity for numbers and equations!



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