Monday, February 23, 2015


...and so I crept up to the attic one afternoon - with a peanut butter sandwich in one hand and a thermos of hot tea in the other.  It was sunny in one of the corners and I settled down with an old quilt and my repast to see what might happen.  After a few sips of tea my head started to nod and sleep overtook my assignment to watch the trunk.

Upon awaking I found something/someone perched upon my knee.  It was all I could do not to jump up - but my tea cup was still in my lap and so I just uttered a weak little "EEK".  "Who are you?"  "I am one of The Whisperers -- weren't you expecting me?"

Apparently "The Whisperers" are designated to remind each of us of the most beautiful things of every day life.  "Wonder" had been sent to check me out - to see if I was a good candidate to be given this reminder.  Others, she explained might be given the gift of 'joy', 'peace', 'frolic' or 'magic'.  I didn't dare tell her that 'frolic' or 'magic'  sounded like much more fun than 'wonder' but when I thought about it it, I figured it wouldn't be all that bad after all - one never refuses a gift. 

Now I have a goal, with this little reminder nearby, that I must greet each day with wonder, to look for it in the simple small environment of my life and to nurture it so that I may pass it along.

"Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the Gods." - Plato


  1. Oh, I think you got a visit from just the right Whisperer. Wonder is multifaceted.

    It's useless to wonder what might have been. Exciting to wonder what will be. Intriguing to wonder what someone is thinking. Wondering is Wondrous!
    xx, Carol

  2. I'm sure Wonder will pop up beside you if you ever forget her advice..

  3. Wonder sounds just right, so many wonderful things in this world.

  4. She is as delightful as her story. I think I should be taking her advice too!

  5. She is lovely! and she has such a noble purpose. What a 'wonder'-ful little friend to have around:)

  6. Thank you for reminding us that there is more than meets the eye. And that the world is more wondrous than we believe, if only we are open to it!

    I'm not surprised that "The Whisperers" approached you; you are the most open to wonder person I know.

  7. Simply.....She is so awesome..."Wonderful" to have such a special friend...

  8. Now I wonder if I go up the ladder with tea and a peanut butter sandwich who might appear!

  9. How did I miss Wonder? I wanted to settle down in that attic with her. Yes, you now have a daily assignment! Pile them up as they are presented to you, and start each day with them. I want to move into that attic!



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