Friday, February 6, 2015

Letting It Come

Just doodling a few ideas.  Thoughts randomly flitting around inside my head and heart.  Changes coming, I feel it, new thoughts and ideas.  Perhaps even a few old ones, resurrected in a different form?

I’m being drawn for some reason – toward the old and the simple and the plain and the quietness of white and off-white and tea dyed luxuries and hanging vintage. Soft pinks and blues and aquas – all either stained or muted with off white

The shelves are filled to the brim with several communities of dolls.  Sitting here smiling at me – thanking me for their stories. 

And so I think that whatever is coming must hang on the wall – or from a dowel – or on a hanger of sorts – for there is no more room in the cubbies nor in the shelter of shelves.

Hmmm will these thoughts become something?  Or even some things?  Who knows – but for now I’ll just let them gather slowly…

"I dreamed I was a butterfly, flitting around in the sky; then I awoke.  Now I wonder: Am I a man who dreamt of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a man?" - Zhuangzi


  1. Hello! I love your photos-and your dolls-can't wait to see what you are going to do next....to answer your question about the pink bird pattern-I developed it for an online instructional site I belong to, and even though I am not teaching there this year, I hope to have the class next year, so the bird pattern will be part of that class.
    I always love your visits to my blog!

  2. Thanks Debra -- I'd love to make a few of your birdies to sit around the house.

  3. My grandfather used to say, "Slowly, slowly, catchee monkee". I was never sure quite what he meant, but maybe "Let the ideas gather" might work as a transliteration in this case?

  4. Ah, I know this Penny restlessness and it always results in something awesome. I'll be watching!

  5. I felt the earth shake a little just now. Something wonderful is a brewin'!!
    xx, Carol

  6. Those soft vintage colours are gorgeous. Such a fertile ground for the imagination.

  7. Along with everyone else, I'm eager to see what new journeys await you!

  8. Ah yes, time for a change. It seems time for a softening of winter, and your soft colors feel so good. I can hardly wait to see what comes out of your head next!



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