Monday, May 12, 2014

What is it?

Living in North Carolina we see lots of these spindles in antique and thrift shops.  They were used for the threads that were created and then woven into mostly utilitarian items such as sheets, towels, socks, etc.  The textile industry has all but disappeared from this area, unfortunately robbing many people of their work and livelihood.  

This spindle attracted my eye several years ago.  Although as you can see it was not originally from this area, it was so lovely that I brought it home.  Today it is becoming a tribute to those many people who worked in the textile mills throughout this area.  It was difficult work and took place in mills that operated with none of the 'comforts' of today's factories.

Of course my tribute will include punchneedle embroidery but who knows what else. What kinds of embellishments will I use?  I find that it is sort of creating itself as I go along.

"Humankind has not woven the web of life.  We are but one thread within it.  Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.  All things are bound together.  All things connect." - Chief Seattle


  1. Well you're off to a good start. I particularly like the quote you found to accompany the start of your piece.
    xx, carol

  2. This might actually have been a bobbin for roving (one of the intermediate stages) rather than finished thread. It will make a good sturdy framework for your piece in its retirement!

  3. Tried to comment and something didn't take this morning, I guess. I'm wondering if you are near Glencoe a Mills. I restored a quilt bought from a descendent of a mill worker there. Then I was subsequently in touch with the mill museum. I have a few of the bobbins also, love them!

  4. That is wonderful - such a fabulous tribute to a lost era.

  5. Am in love with your color palette already, Penny. And a fine subject to *attack* with your needle ;>]]

  6. So much of what I do creates itself as I go along. I find it's the best way to be for me. I look forward to seeing where this takes itself ...



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