Monday, May 19, 2014

A Spindle/Bobbin Tribute

Most of us, being stitchers, value fabric and thread.  Textiles have been an historic tradition, throughout the world.  Most of what we, here in the United States, work on today came across the oceans from far away lands.

So this little spindle/bobbin is my tribute not only to the early textile workers, wherein almost everything was done by hand - but to the men and women who continue to work the needle, thread and fabric in all its forms of craft.  Thank you!

"A gentle heart is tied with an easy thread." - George Herbert


  1. Beautiful Penny, we occasionally get empty spindles here but they are usually very expensive as there is a fashion for selling them at high prices with string or yarn on or turning them into egg timers.

  2. Debbie -- I recently acquired two LARGE spindles that I hope to decorate one of these days. The larger size will give me more latitude for design. So far they are quite reasonably priced here.

  3. Wow, the thought is as beautiful as the spindle. Lovely, Penny!

  4. ...how about punchneedle-bombing some weight-lifting dumbells next then?!!!

    Same shape....

    ...just an incy-wincy bit heavier :-)

  5. That is gorgeous and I love the thought behind it as much as the visual spectacle.

  6. Lovely - a great idea, beautifully executed!



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