Monday, February 10, 2014

A Bit of Ho Hum

I've been working on a stand-alone cottage.  While I seem to have gotten the engineering part figured out I'm less than pleased with the ambience of the finished piece.  Not enough going on here -- the colors are too dull for me and there isn't enough surface interest. Boring!!!

That being said - at least I mastered the 'standing' technique and perhaps one day will come back to the idea of being a 'house builder'.  

Meanwhile its on to a new adventure - which you'll hear about next week... 

"Home wasn't built in a day." - Jane Sherwood Ace



  1. It's still not half bad....

    ...for a blooper :-)

    x c

  2. It's good to have the standing part nailed, even if the colour didn't work out quite as you would have wished!

  3. Boring... or subtle? They can be quite close bedfellows. In this case, I'd go with subtle. It's lovely - and do tell me, how did you manage the standing thing? Always tricky to get it right with fabric so it doesn't get too rigid.

  4. Just a quick note to answer Charlton Stitcher's question. I stitched a box finish on the bottom, then filled the bottom part with ground walnut shells (at tip I got from my friend Dot - as a note they sell these at pet stores). Filled about a third of the house then finished the house using regular poly stuffing. It makes a nice weighted bottom for standing.

  5. I like it, Penny! The colors are so you! And I always love your color choices. The standing part is a puzzle until you find something that works. I went through that decision-making process with my stump dolls. What I settled on for standing weight is small polished river rocks that are sold in craft stores.

  6. What I love about the creative process, whether I like it/think it's worked or not, is what we discover goes on to inform our future creations. That's the magic for me. :o)

  7. Maybe your adorable cottage would like a wee bit of bling ... as in beady bling?




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