Thursday, February 13, 2014

Daniel Essig

Last week I was fortunate enough to see an exhibit of Daniel Essig's work on exhibit at Converse College.  Daniel is an artist who resides in the Asheville area - therefore I often get an opportunity to see his work and each time I am enthralled (is that too mild word?).

Daniel began work as a photography student but then moved into creating artist books.  His 'books' weren't just any book as they were works of art that cannot be described by mere words.  These days his work involves wonderful figures - birds, fish, crocodiles -- and each one always has a small coptic bound book  or two or three within its parameters.  

As I write this I can't begin to portray his work with my words, nor even the pictures I'm showing.  Please skip over to Daniel Essig to be amazed.

"A symphony conductor who collects my work once told me that he hides my books in a basket every evening to be stolen during the night.  Until fairly recently all books were prized possessions -- medieval libraries chained books to the shelves to prevent theft. In those days each volume was crafted with precision, elaborately decorated and embellished with precious stones and metals.  I aim to make my books just as precious as those medieval manuscripts." - Daniel Essig


  1. It's certainly remarkable work, and good to find someone paying due honour to bookbinding in this digital age!

  2. I'm forwarding this post to my daughter who is a most avid lover of books. Thanks for posting it, Penny. His work is remarkable, and I'm not surprised you so relate to it.

  3. Had to come back, I really can't stop looking at the way those birds are holding the books in their beaks. Love these. Now I want to make little books! :)

  4. Wow! Amazing works- I will have to check it out in person some time. Hope you are staying warm and enjoying the snow.

  5. These are stunning - even the close ups weren't enough - I wanted to be really up close and personal with them all!

  6. Fascinating and extraordinary and I can so see why you love them ...



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