Monday, February 17, 2014

Deadline and Tea???

I know that tea and deadlines just DO NOT go together.  Coffee is the go-to beverage for the energetic, the can-do time-inspired creators.  Tea - not so much.  Tea is for steeping, sipping, reading, listening to music and having quiet talks.

Early in January I listed two goals for the new year.  One was houses (we know how that went *smile*) and the other was teapots.  I love teapots and wanted to make up a few in punchneedle.  Last week, as I was finishing up 'the house' a friend sent me a 'call to artists' for teapot art to be exhibited locally.  The date for the pieces to be delivered is March 5th.  Yikes - that's less than a month away with not one teapot even on the drawing board.

A week later drawings have been rendered and the first teapot is well underway.  I'm using reverse punchneedle because I want a contemporary look and the details show better in this format.  These days I'm thinking that I need to switch to coffee however, if I'm going to get all the work finished in such a short amount of time.

"Outside of the chair, the teapot is the most ubiquitous and important design element in the domestic environment and almost everyone who has tacked the world of design has ended up designing one." - Davie McFadden


  1. Oooh! I love your teapot designs. I can hardly wait to see your stitch ibterpretations.

  2. That's interpretations!!!! Darn this iPad!!!

  3. I am a tea drinker and have a collection of tea pots so I'm really interested in seeing what you're doing with this challenge. Sandra Leichner made a quilt with tea cups, spoons and a tea pot. It is very pretty. You might enjoy seeing it.

  4. Although not a particularly big tea drinker, must admit to having a *passion* for art teapots and if I had the room I'd have a massive collection of them adorning a kitchen wall. Very much looking forward to your *softies*, Penny ;>]]

  5. Teapots are such cheerful little objects, aren't they? I have a small collection of them, but have never put tea in any of them! I always just put it directly into the cup. Kinda crazy, but I still love to look at the teapots and I figure if I ever get around to having a tea party, I'll be ready! Your teapot sketches look great - I'm sure you'll make your deadline :))

  6. This is so nice, that your teapot is coming along after you weren't happy with your house. I think the shape of a teapot may lend itself to punch needle better than a straight boxy house, and I am so eager to see the finished piece. Will it be 3dimensional like your house. If so, it will be a challenge to handle the, well...er...handle! Lol! Have fun, and a cup of coffee!

  7. That really is lovely! Teapots are so cuddly and friendly. :o) It would look amazing in 3D - being a rounder shape might work up more easily than a more angular house design? Just a thought.:o)

  8. I love the one on its own .. having made one or two teapots when I made pots a long while back, I have great respect for them as art objects. They are not easy to make - hopefully much easier and quicker to stitch!



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