Thursday, July 11, 2013

Water Lily

Rain has come down and come down and come down.  We've received 9" in the past 75 days - and most of that, I'm sure, was within the past two weeks when it has rained nonstop.

This water lily always seem such a patient plant.  All I see, for months on end, are the green leaves resting on top of the water.  And then one day I look up to see this beautiful yellow bloom.  Coming between rain showers it is a very welcome sight.

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." - John Muir



  1. We love water lillies. I select shades from vibrant pink to the deepest red. We are trying to empty and reline the pond but have had too much rain. Poor fishies and lillies are living in a horse trough. BUT!! rain and humidity is gone for a few days so we are moving rocks again and hopefully have a new improved pond by the weekend!!
    Have a super great day .
    xx, carol

  2. Sunshine brought to earth for you!

  3. I love your water lily, what a cheery sight it must be in all of that rain. I hope you get some real sunshine soon

  4. Love that lily. What a sign of persistence through the rain!

  5. My birth flower, appropriately blossoming in July. Never paid much attention to my birthdays, but 70 feels like something. Lol



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