Saturday, July 20, 2013

An Ode to Whimsy

As I recently started back into punchneedle I realized that something was missing from my work.  So I started to explore a little whimsy -- fanciful designs -- fun, bright, light colors.  This little bird design popped up ready to be colored with tiny loops and thread.

What colors would I use?  What combinations?  Out came my stash of Wildflower threads from Caron.  The color combinations in these thread skeins are always a wonder to me.  I can stand and look at them, hung up in the store, forever - except that the store has certain hours and eventually I would be thrown out.

With the choice of "Painted Desert" in hand I began to add some DMC floss in colors to match. Bright colors, fun colors, whimsical colors.

I leave you with the quote below - because I believe it will become my daily motto over the next few months. 

"Today was good
Today was fun
Tomorrow is another one."

Dr. Seuss


  1. Love the quote. I look forward to seeing your whimsical bird.

  2. Dr Seuss is so right about so many things.

  3. Lovely gentle lollipop colours...


    x C

  4. I'm all in favour of whimsy - you go for it!

  5. So sorry to be just catching up...this is our daughter's getting ready for wedding summer, and things will be busy throughout. I just returned from Massachusetts, hot there too! Anyhow, messy you, messy me! It's how we get inspired. About this post, I want to see the results of your "coloring"! Absolutely lovely colors with the word "desert" used to describe them. Perfect!

  6. I LIKE this direction! AND a bird. Right up my alley.
    xx, Carol

  7. He's fabulous and I love the colours coming out from your Caron skein. Such a lovely way of working with variegated threads.



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